The Mental Quiver Series


Focus for High Performance Surfing
This video introduces some basic concepts related to a surfer’s focus and identifies some common distractions that negatively impact surfing performance. This information helps surf coaches identify issues with focus and to then intervene effectively to build more resilient focusing skills for surfers.

Coaching Surfers to Take Charge of their Focus
This video outlines some important practical strategies coaches can implement with surfers to learn to take charge of their focus at critical moments in training and competition. This information will help coaches develop greater awareness of a surfer's focusing habits, learn to re-focus effectively after waves and mentally prepare the mind for training and competition.

Maximising Surfing-Belief
This video outlines key components of ‘surfing-belief’ and identifies some practical strategies surf coaches can adopt to maximise belief in their surfers. Helpful strategies will be discussed for the daily training environment. Will have outlined, ways surfers can think to enhance belief and essential coaching practices when preparing surfers for competition.

Coaching Surfers Through Performance Slumps
This video outlines how coaches can support the well-being and ongoing performance needs of surfers during the emotional lows that can accompany competitive surfing. Information will help coaches better understand and support surfers’ effective management of emotions post heats and learn important self-evaluation skills to enhance confidence and future progression.

Effective Feedback for Surfers
This video will outline the key principles and essential elements of effective feedback surf coaches can incorporate in their coaching practices. Different sources and types of feedback will be discussed and practical strategies to help surf coaches provide high quality feedback to surfers will be outlined.

Videos in this Package

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    Focus for High Performance Surfing 7:45
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    Coaching Surfers to Take Charge of their Focus 7:52
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    Maximising Surfing-Belief 7:50
  • 2728142626001 4504652692001 4504548341001 th
    Coaching Surfers Through Performance Slumps 7:18
  • 2728142626001 4504640741001 4504525439001 th
    Effective Feedback for Surfers 6:42